Shunde is one of the cradles of Cantonese cuisine, situated at the core of the Pearl River Delta, with Guangzhou to the north and Hong Kong to the south. Its outstanding natural environment, lively cultural scene, prosperous economy and renowned culinary arts academies provide particularly favorable conditions for the development of a gastronomic culture and industry.

The chefs in the city pay special attention to retaining the ingredients’ flavors and cook with attractive colors, fragrances and tastes that can be described as “light, fresh, crispy, tender, smooth and genuine”. Shunde cuisine is famous for its delicacies characterized by their nutritional value and preparation. The combination of inventive cooking methods, creative ways of presentation and outstanding avors, makes the city’s cuisine truly exceptional.

Shunde’s longstanding and well-developed gastronomy as well as more recent processes of industrialization have brought forth ambitions for future developments. The city is determined to further its image as an innovative city of gastronomy and creativity.

Shungfeng Mountain Park
Shunfeng Mountain Park


Contribution to the network

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Shunde envisages:

  • developing the gastronomic cultural and creative industries focusing on their social and economic benefits, through which Shunde will promote the city’s image and quality of life

  • engaging in international collaboration, hosting meetings and contributing to various activities related to the eld of gastronomy

  • maintaining close exchanges with Creative Cities of Gastronomy and contributing to the development of the UCCN


Facts and figures


806 km2


City 2.5 mio

Average temperature: 



Hometown of Bruce Lee

Hometown of Dragon Boats

Hometown of Cantonese Opera

Home of the biggest memorial Archway in Asia (88m high)



What’s on?

Phuket Event

October 2018
A food festival filled with delicacies from …


About Shunde


Fang Li

Creative Cities Network Project Coordinator


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