Panama City

About the Creative City: 

Capital city of Panama with 1.7 million inhabitants, Panama City is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Darien tropical rain forest, characterised by a wealthy biodiversity and marine ecosystem. This led to the development of a rich gastronomy history based on diverse cultures and natural resources displayed in the city’s 2,477 restaurants and food kiosks. Designated as the next Ibero-American Capital of Culture in 2019, Panama City presents a thriving creative sector, currently employing 58,000 people and contributing 6.4% to the GDP.


As Creative City of Gastronomy, Panama City envisages:

  • developing the Collaboratory Programme as an inclusive governance practice of urban transformation through creative intercultural gastronomy, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • promoting Gastronomic Corridors in the city as urban management tools promoting economic development within the city’s gastronomy sector;
  • enhancing cooperation with other cities, particularly those from under-represented regions within the UCCN, through collaborative initiatives;
  • promoting, as the next Ibero-American Capital of Culture, the UCCN goals in the Ibero-American region as well as through the Ibercocinas Programme;
  • creating technological tools that connect every part of the gastronomy value chain though the Collaboratory of Technologies project; and
  • strengthening ‘gastrodiplomacy’ as part of the Panamanian National Strategy of Cultural Diplomacy.


Facts and figures


275 km2


City 880 691


ø January °C 18 – 33

ø July °C 21 – 34


Creative city since 2017


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Lázaro Israel Rodríguez Oliva Panama

Creative City Initiative Municipality of Panama City