Florianópolis, Island of the Sate of Santa Catarina/Brazil, is a city where old and new live together in harmony, whether in small towns, busy beaches with complete infrastructure or in the peaceful fishermen villages and other villages in the interior of the island, proving that it’s possible to conciliate all the resources of a big city with the great quality of life that is only found in small towns.

Configured with a tourist infrastructure with an international airport, hotels of superior category, business and leisure hotels, charming inns at the beach and vacation homes, a new pattern of consumption due to tourism is perceived. The city hosts more and more events, national and international, large, high-quality movies, theaters, bookstores, art galleries, museums, cultural centers and a good network of trade and services.

Famous for its beaches, Florianopolis is the right destination among the lovers of natural beauties and among lovers of fine cuisine. It has more than 2.000 bars and restaurants, in all the beaches, downtown or in neighborhoods, the most varied and thematic, including homemade food, contemporary cuisine, international cuisine and specialized in seafood, the most sought due to the abundant local produce – the capital of Santa Catarina is the biggest oyster producer in the country. In the winter time, mullet and anchovies are greatly appreciated. The sequence of shrimp – a kind of rotating with several dishes prepared with this crustacean – surprises by the abundance and quality. The mush of fish and shrimp with manioc flour super thin stands out as a side dish.

Entitled as the “Touristic Capital of Mercosul”, Florianópolis is now on the privileged list of the gastronomic cities of the country.

Nowadays, to look at the Island of Santa Catarina means to contemplate a community that lived a quick process of cultural and social transformation, result of a vertiginous population growth that happened in the last three decades, with the immigration of thousands of persons from the most various places of the state, of Brazil and even foreigners. All these migration had as consequence the architectural progress.

Lagoinha do Leste Beach ©Santur                    View of Beiramar Avenue ©Santur

Contribution to the network

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Florianópolis envisages:

  • Creating the National Gastronomy Observatory intended to widen the circulation of information related to the production, analysis and global spreading of data. It will develop actions focused on innovation, competitivity and promotion of the productive chain. 
  • producing an annual food festival with the participation of guest chefs from other Creative Cities 

  • publishing an annual guide of Florianópolis’ gastronomic offerings 

  • expanding academic exchange programmes for students from schools of gastronomy and professionals from the industry 

  • creating a biennial award given to the best restaurants in Florianopolis based on criteria that encourage the improvement of services and products 

  • conducting workshops on the theme of creative cooperation linking design, crafts, gastronomy and tourism 

  • implementing the Cultural Innovation Core with space for multidisciplinary work and experience sharing

Facts and figures


436.5km2 divided into an ocean island – Island of Santa Catarina and a continental peninsula


Altitude at the head office is 3 meters


485 838



Brazil’s Oyster Capital


2016 Second best Brazilian City for Entrepreneurship by Entrepreneurial Cities index (ICE) Endeavor


2017 Brazil’s Quality of Life Capital based on HDI (Human Development Index) according to IBGE



What’s on?

To get the latest news about Florianópolis go to floripamanha.org (in brazilian)

Fena Ostra

18 August, 2018
Fenaostra – the ultimative oyster festival in Brazil with more than 150 artists


Anita Maria Silveira Pires

President FloripAmanhã Association