Dénia was designated UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2015.

The city is located on the eastern tip of Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. And it is the ideal spot from which to access most of the best villages and towns along Spain’s Mediterranean coast. In fact, Dénia is fringed with an overwhelming array of sandy beaches and coves, many of which are placed within a natural park.

Dénia’s old town is full of high quality restaurants, serving  a wide range of local dishes made with seafood and local produce. In fact, local produce has always been the key issue of local gastronomy.

The gastronomic sector draws inspiration from the Mediterranean diet and concepts such as Slow Food by promoting healthy food based on local resources and products with the goal of ensuring more sustainable development. Dénia also emphasizes the importance of transversal approaches, as well as multi- stakeholders cooperation, to promote gastronomy by developing a wide range of activities and events involving both local and international actors, such as the International Creative Cuisine Competition of the Red Prawn of Dénia, which has an annual participation of 50 chefs worldwide.


D*na Gastronomic Festival 2017 

Contribution to the network

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Dénia envisages:

  • programs and plans with the local cookery training center, the CDT Marina Alta to train chefs from other UCCN
  • participating in media contests from other UCCN belonging to other fields such as Bradford and Santos.
  • participating in activities from other UCCN is crucial to share practices and knowledge with UCC from other fields
  • sharing good practices with UCCN members organising activities and visits for chefs and qualified professionals from other UCCN.
  • participating in food fairs organised by other UCCN such i.ex. Bergen
  • Implementing “Xarxa Terrace” project to improve the conditions of local agriculture and support farmer to recover and preserve landscapes.
  • Improving responsible fishing practices and preserving marine resources.
  • Formulating a plan with the Universitat Politécnica at Valencia whereby the bombó rice variety will be preserved. Such a variety is grown at the marshland natural Park in Pego (Alicante)

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Host of the Creative Cities of Gastronomy Meeting in October 2017 

International Cooking Festival DNA 2017


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