About the Creative City: 

Gastronomic Capital of Bolivia, Cochabamba, located at2,558 meters of altitude, overlooks of the fertile soil of the Andean valley. The third largest city of Bolivia with 691,970 inhabitants, this area is renowned for its gastronomic richness and history that stretches back to the Pre-Columbian era, when Cochabamba was the most important centre of grain production of the Inka Empire. Gastronomy is so deeply rooted in the city’s identity that a local, old saying goes ‘a Cochabambino does not eat to live but live to eat’. The sector generates around 17% of the departmental GDP and employs more than 265,000 people or one third of the labour force.


Contribution to the network

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Cochabamba envisages:

  • promoting regional gastronomy as a cultural asset and a source of identity, by engaging all stakeholders of the food chain,
  • implementing the Project VEAC from mARTadero, a pilot incubator for creative businesses;
  • launching the House of Gastronomy Urban Development project, aiming to transform run-down areas in premises for the gastronomy eld;
  • organising the International Festival of Typical and Traditional Cuisine, a large-scale event featuring other Creative Cities of Gastronomy and of other creative elds;
  • building a physical and online business platform dedicated to Creative Cities of Gastronomy, aimed at supporting new international businesses development; and
  • fostering city-to-city exchange of experiences and best practices within the UCCN, through professional and artistic exchange programmes. 

Facts and figures


170 km2


City 630 000


ø January °C 18 -23

ø July °C 12 – 23




Designated Unesco Creative City since 2017


What’s on?


About Cochabamba


Mr Javie Guevara,

Head of the department for economic promotion and entrepreneurship, City municipal authority,