Chengdu, capital of western China’s Sichuan Province, designated as a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy, the first one of its kind in Asia in 2008.

As a famous historical and cultural city in China and the hometown of giant panda, Chengdu is the birthplace and center of the popular Sichuan Cuisine, one of the 4 well-known major schools of Chinese culinary art. Rooted in the most ancient Chinese philosophy the utmost pursuit both in gastronomy and life is to keep harmony while preserve uniqueness. Like the saying goes, the best cuisine is from China, while the richest flavor is from Chengdu. One who does not experience Sichuan food has never reached China.

Being creative and innovative, Chengdu people created many firsts in China’s history, including the first professional chef, the first brewery, the first tea culture center, and the first food museum, etc. The local food is highly inclusive and diversified, mixing all kinds of flavors from home and abroad.

Catering is an important part of Chengdu’s service sector. To date, the city boasts over 60,000 restaurants with more than 500,000 practitioners, among whom about 300 are national master chefs.

As a major city opening-up to the countries and regions southwest of China, it was recognized as one of the 6 central cities of the country in 2016 which is identified by the state plan, the important economic center, science and technology center, cultural and creative industry center, foreign exchange center and integrated transport hub in the western region. Chengdu has unique advantages and strategic position in the development of Chinese landscape.

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Contribution to the network

Chengdu served as the first team coordinator of the gastronomy cluster. Being part of the coordinating group, Chengdu actively contributed to the Network’s communication and management improvement.

As a Creative City of Gastronomy, Chengdu envisages:

  • exchanging with other cultures and becoming an innovative international City of Gastronomy
  • protecting traditional culture by involving citizens in gastronomy-related events and actions
  • developing the creative industry of gastronomy and cuisine research
  • offering educational and training programmes in gastronomy

Facts and figures


12,400 km2


16 mio


Awarded as one of the Best Tourist Cities in China by WTO and China National Tourism Administration

Membership at World Center of Excellence for Destinations (CED)

Host of the Network’s 8th Annual Meeting in September 2014


What’s on?

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Chengdu Food & Tourism Festival

1 – 3 September 2018
Come to Chengdu and enjoy a spectacular journey through a millennium filled with cultural food experiences.