About the Creative City: 

Located in a bay on the Pacific Ocean coast, Buenaventura (pop. 407,539) is the largest port city in Colombia. Its predominantly Afro-Colombian population (over 89%) has found in culinary culture and traditional cuisine a lever for resilience, reconciliation and social cohesion to tackle the challenge of peace building in a city affected by Colombia’s internal conflict. Traditional cuisine of Buenaventura is based on the diversity of local fruits and richness of its seafood production. Women are at the centre of the culinary creative process and have benefited from the development of cooperation networks based on traditional market places.

Contribution to the network

Aa Creative City of Gastronomy, Buenaventura envisages:

  • improving access and participation in culinary creation through the strengthening of research and training on traditional cuisines;
  • promoting the development of cultural entrepreneurship projects through the establishment of productive networks based on the existing culinary creative chain;
  • investing in the development of infrastructure to help foster access and flow of cultural goods and services related to traditional cuisine, with an emphasis on market squares;
  • increasing the number of traditional cooks participating in cultural events, creating spaces for the promotion of culinary know-how and products; and
  • introducing other cities to important Afro-Colombian history and involving them in traditional culinary cultural events and activities to share experiences and best practices.

Facts and figures


6 078 km2


City 362 625


ø January °C 19 – 32

ø July °C 20 – 33


Designated Unesco Creative City since 2017


What’s on?


About Buenaventura


José Yesid Ome Ordoñez

Buenaventura Workshop Education Foundation

buenaventuracreativecity@ escuelatallerbuenaventura.org

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