Officials, chefs and professionals from seventeen Creative Cities of Gastronomy and Macao took part in the International Meeting of Creative Cities, held in Dénia, from the 29th September to the 2nd October 2017.

The representatives attended all scheduled events, including visits, talks and meetings. At the CDT-Marina Alta Cookery School were local chefs showing how to master local cooking techniques and how they can be used in international cuisine.

The representatives visited the Port of Dénia which offers, daily, fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea. They also visited the Riurau local market at  Jesús Pobre, a village near Dénia. This market is popular with costumers who are keen to buy local fruits and vegetables. The programme included a tour around the region to show how preserving landscapes is crucial for growing local produce. In fact, the representatives were taken on a food journey – from the Mediterranean sea, to the rice fields, to the hills – tasting seafood, oranges, rice and wines.

Participating Cities:
Florianópolis and Belén (Brasil), Jeonju (Korea), Rasht (Iran), Östersund (Sweden), Tsuruoka (Japan), Bergen (Norway), Parma (Italy), Popayán (Colombia), Tucson (USA), Macao, Chengdu and Shunde (China)