Areas of Action / Ongoing projects

The objectives of the Network are implemented notably through the following areas of action:
– sharing experiences, knowledge and best practices;
– pilot projects, partnerships and initiatives associating the public and private sectors, and civil society;
– professional and artistic exchange programmes and networks;
– studies, research and evaluations on the experience of the Creative Cities;
– policies and measures for sustainable urban development;
– communication and awareness raising activities.

Examples of ongoing projects, programmes and partnerships within the Gastronomy Network 

//Creative sharing//
Popayan – Gastro congress
Parma – Crescere
Florianopolis – RESEX
Denia  – Biomoscatell
Gaziantep – Culinary centre museum
Jeonju – Jeonju 2025 Food Plan
Jeonju – UCCN Forum
Shunde – lingnan festival
Tsurukoa – Milano expo
Tsurukoa – Exchange programme
Chengdu – gourmet festival
Ostersund – Eldrimner
Ostersund – Public gastronomy
Rasht – City of festivals